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Technical disclosure of reinforcement cage installation

Source:This station popularity:274 Published on:2021-12-09 17:34:36

(1) The reinforcement shall be accepted upon mobilization, with a quality assurance certificate, and mechanical properties and welding tests shall be conducted. It can be used only after it is qualified.

(2) The reinforcement shall be processed in strict accordance with the specification requirements and design and construction drawings.

When overlapping arc welding is adopted, the two ends of the reinforcement cage 1# main reinforcement of the hole pile shall be bent in advance to ensure that the two reinforcements are coaxial after overlapping. The welding length of both sides shall not be less than 5D, the weld depth shall not be less than 0.3d, and the width shall not be less than 0.8d. The welding rod shall be carbon steel welding rod with the brand of J502 or above. The number of joints in the same section shall not exceed 50%, and the upper and lower parts shall be staggered for 35d. D is the diameter of the reinforcement; 2# reinforced stirrup, one every 2m; 5# 4 positioning bars are evenly arranged every 2m; 3# stirrups shall be arranged according to the design spacing.

(3) The reinforcement cage shall be manufactured and processed in strict accordance with the design, and the equal distance shall be controlled by the reinforcement positioning support for the position of the main reinforcement. The allowable deviation of main reinforcement spacing is ± 20mm; Allowable deviation of stirrup or spiral reinforcement pitch ± 10mm; Allowable deviation of reinforcement cage diameter ± 5mm; The allowable deviation of reinforcement cage length is ± 10mm.

(4) After the hole pile reinforcement cage is processed, the pile foundation detection pipe shall be fixed in the reinforcement cage according to the design position. The model of pile foundation detection pipe is φ fifty-seven × 3mm, 4 piles per hole,

。 During construction, keep the spacing of each pipe parallel to each other and accurate positioning, and bury it to the pile bottom without hanging in the air.

The nozzle should be more than 20cm higher than the pile * surface, and the nozzle height of each acoustic pipe should be consistent; The acoustic pipe must be straight, the welds at both ends of the casing at the joint shall be dense, and d76 shall be applied at the upper and lower ends × 10mm steel plate shall be closed, and shall be firmly welded or bound inside the reinforcement cage during installation

(5) Since most of the hole piles of Gaoba super large bridge are located on the mountains on both sides of Renhe River, there is no operation platform and the crane cannot enter, a steel pipe frame of about 12m is built on the hole piles, and each reinforcement cage is fabricated and hoisted in two sections.

(6) Before placing the reinforcement cage, the supervising engineer shall check the pile bottom, the situation in the hole and the reinforcement cage. After passing the inspection, the reinforcement cage shall be slowly placed in the hole. The placement shall be aligned with the hole position, stable, slow and straight to avoid colliding with the hole wall.

(7) The thickness of reinforcement protective layer shall be strictly guaranteed according to the design drawing.

The protective layer is made of cement mortar. When there is no concrete retaining wall, it is strictly prohibited to replace it with clay brick or short reinforcement head (the chain reaction of reinforcement cage corrosion will be caused after the brick absorbs water and short reinforcement head).

Cushion blocks are arranged in a group of 1.5 ~ 2m, with 3 in each group, with a distance of 120 ° on the circumference, and each group is arranged in a quincunx shape. The allowable deviation of the protective layer is ± 10mm.

(8) When the hole depth is different from the design depth, the length of reinforcement cage should also change.

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