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Requirements for positioning of reinforcement cage roller welder

Source:This station popularity:264 Published on:2021-12-09 17:40:23

The reinforcement cage roller welder device is controlled by the target of manufacturing steel box through PCL.

The NC bending center of reinforcement is mechanized and reinforced by CNC, and the distance between wound ribs is uniform,

Consistent reinforcement cage diameter to meet product quality specifications.

In practice, there are inspection and processing sites of manual production reinforcement cage construction supervision almost every day, while mechanical processing is adopted to basically realize the "exemption" of mechanized reinforcement cage supervision.

Among the tone parameters set on PLC for CNC reinforcement cage roller welder, PLC is controlled by the actual rotation speed and walking speed. As long as the speed and driving stability ensure the tone, there is no problem in terms of technology.

Of course, such equipment is liberated in labor, which requires several people to take care of the machine in order to ensure its efficiency

Of course, when it appears when it is not in use, it will be placed,

But there are also some requirements for placement.

I hope you remember this requirement:

1. The reinforcement cage roll welding machine shall be parked in a dry room. If it is necessary, it can be directly parked outdoors. There shall be no flat ground, the road shall be paved with different wooden boards and covered with cover cloth;

2. The reinforcement cage roller welder shall be maintained and cleaned before storage to maintain a good technical state;

3. Later, place the fuel control rod of the reinforcement cage roll welder in the relaxed position and the control rod in the neutral position.


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