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What should be the diameter of reinforcement cage for hole pile?

Source:This station popularity:290 Published on:2021-12-09 17:30:31

What should be the diameter of reinforcement cage for hole pile?

The protective layer of the main reinforcement of the reinforcement cage shall be at least 50mm, which is generally to ensure the thickness of the protective layer of the main reinforcement.

50mm protective layer, generally more stirrups, that is, the diameters of 12 and 14, can also protect the stirrups.

The reinforcement cage is fabricated in the whole section, the main reinforcement joint adopts flash butt welding, and the main reinforcement and stirrup are fixed by plum blossom spot welding,

When the reinforcement length is greater than 18mm, it should be made in stages. The joints at the pile orifice shall be staggered and welded according to the specification requirements,

Simultaneous built-in Φ 16. Strengthen the inner ring (when the pile diameter is ≥ 1400mm), weld the equilateral triangular inner support to ensure during hoisting.

Reinforcement cage installation:

Provide lifting machinery or use tripod to place the reinforcement cage, lift the reinforcement cage to the orifice and fix it at the orifice,

Concrete cushion blocks shall be set in the symmetrical direction outside the reinforcement to ensure the thickness of the reinforcement protective layer.

The thickness of concrete protective layer shall be controlled within 50mm, and the allowable deviation of protective layer of main reinforcement of reinforcement cage shall be ± 10mm


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